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Learning task 1

  1. Introduce the idea of speaking in a formal and informal context. Students are given the and are asked to fill it in. Discuss the idea of informal and formal speaking and explain that in this unit we are going to speak both informally in groups and formally in a prepared speech to the class.

    Teacher explains that the first half of the unit is to practise informal speaking in groups but that we are going to gain in confidence and skills so that we can present a formal speech to the class.

  2. Students are paired by the teacher. They are given the . If appropriate, is discussed.
  3. Students write the answers to the questions on the sheets and then share the information by speaking to their partner. One member of the pair is the listener the other the speaker, then they swap over.

    They then use the other side of the to record their partner's answers. They ask their partner questions if they can't remember.

    The pairs then join into groups of four. Each person uses the Interview Sheet about their partner to introduce their partner to the other three people. They stand when they do this.

    Then groups of four join another group of four to make groups of eight. Students practise introducing their original partner to the larger group, standing and using their Guideline Interview Sheet.

  4. Teacher gives students so that they know what skills are being developed in the unit.
  5. The teacher then presents an example of a prepared speech, with a written copy of a prepared text. Watch a video of the speech if possible.

Published on: 08 Jun 2009