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Learning task 3

  1. Students return to draft of speech. They now write a 2nd draft, keeping the SEXY structure but adding 2 features of oral language from the list. They share this with their partner and the partner offers the suggestion of one more feature. This is added to the speech.
  2. Students write a 3rd draft of their speech and show it to their partner. If both are agreed that the speech has a SEXY structure and that it has at least 3 features of oral language, student writes their speech on to cue cards.
  3. Teacher discusses delivery. If possible show a video - for example, of school speech competitions. A useful technique is to show the video and then turn the television around and listen to the speech. Ask the students what they saw when they looked at the speech. Playing Al Pacino's speech from City Hall.

    Discuss and take note of:

    • Stance,
    • Voice, change of inflexion
    • Tone, pace
    • Gestures and body language
    • Props
  4. Variation 1: Teacher delivers a speech in a monotone deliberately avoiding using any delivery features which might animate it. The class are asked to rate the teacher.

    Variation 2: Use this  Assessment Resource Bank item (ARB username and password required to view this resource) which involves students practising delivery through impromptu speeches.

  5. Students then practise delivering their speeches to their partner and then to their group of four. They use their speech delivery checklist to assess their own performances and to offer constructive feedback to each other. Finally students deliver speeches to the whole class, and assess each other using the speech delivery checklist. It can be useful if the students are videotaped, so that they can be used for future exemplars and/or to allow for student self assessment. They can also use it as part of the peer assessment process.

Published on: 08 Jun 2009