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Learning task 2

  1. Teacher presents/revises the SEXY structure for writing transactional writing.

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  2. In their original pairs, the students see if they can find this structure in the text of the prepared speech, or from a speech the teacher prepares and models. Teacher the breakdown on an OHPT, with input from student discussion. Students note the breakdown on their copy and paste into their books/folders. (For other speeches - both spoken and written - visit Great Speeches.)
  3. Students choose one question from the that they are going to expand into a prepared speech. They ideas that they can talk about. Then they share these ideas with their partner and see if thy can add more.
  4. Students write the draft of their speech, using the SEXY structure for each paragraph.
  5. Teacher Background Reading: See "Oral Language" from Exploring Language.
  6. Teacher returns to original text of prepared speech. Students listen to it again and read it again, this time looking for distinctive features of a speech. This ARB resource (ARB username and password required to view) focuses on the use of inclusive and exclusive pronouns. Discuss with partners, then teacher-led discussion about features of oral language eg. repetition, rhetorical questions, strong opening statement, strong conclusion will be useful for revising the features of a persuasive speech and this s, simile, metaphor, use of humour. Teachers may wish to provide another contrasting example.

    Display these with examples from original text.

Published on: 08 Jun 2009