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Learning task 2: Personal reading

Students are provided during the study with a selection of literature based on the topics of conflict and war - see below. These texts come in a range of reading ages to cater for a mixed ability class.

The following are a mixed ability set of texts suitable for the reading ages of students in year 10. (With a mixed ability focus)


Gallico, Paul. The Snowgoose

Westall, Robert. The Machine Gunners

Magorium, Michelle. Goodnight Mr Tom

The Diary of Anne Frank, Autobiography

Fenelon, Fania. The Musicians of Auschwitz

Lingard, Joan. Across the Barricades

Holm, Anne. I am David

Morpurgo, Michael. Waiting for Anya

Short Stories:

Brown, Frederick. The Weapon

O'Flaherty, Liam. The Sniper


Fuller, Simon(Edited by). The Poetry of War 1914-1989

Sadler and Hayllar. Poetry for Pleasure

Sadler & Hayllar & Powell. Appreciating Poetry

Published on: 06 Apr 2009