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Learning task 4: Film study - Gallipoli

Film Study - Gallipoli, Peter Weir

Students need to be informed of the events that took place at Gallipoli. Use the for teacher reference. The ideas and techniques will hopefully be discussed by the students during the groupwork carried out.

 Students then view the film, the teacher pausing at times to discuss what is happening. At the end of each viewing session, students should write a summary of the incidents that took place.

group_work (RTF 39KB) in mixed ability groups, students discuss the questions based on the film "Gallipoli" and develop a group poster of the information they come up with. A group report back is needed.

Notes on the visual and verbal features used in film are essential when studying the film. Notes on these should be provided to the students, particularly as they will need to use them to write the essay in the assessment section. A handy way to teach these skills is by using the video "Snail's Pace" by Grant Lahood and the accompanying written work for students. This can be found in the package "Take Five" which deals with short films in schools.

Published on: 06 Apr 2009