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Novel tasks

Different ways to be smart Bloom’s Taxonomy: Six Thinking Skills
Knowing Understanding Applying Analysing Creating Evaluating


I enjoy reading, writing and speaking

Describe in detail an important relationship between 2 characters. Give textual support and explain the importance of this relationship in the novel. Identify a problem a character had to overcome in the novel and explain how they did this. Give textual support. Classify all the different types of obstacles faced by the characters in your novel into appropriate areas. Give textual support. Write three different diary entries for one of the main characters in your novel. Show how they changed during the course of the novel from the beginning to the end. Write a speech for a world leader, describing what it is that makes someone a great survivor. Present it to an audience or tape it. Why do you think the author of your book wrote this book? What can students learn from the ideas and situations explored in your novel?


I enjoy working with numbers & science

Find 5 ‘facts’ which justify the reasons why the main characters in your book can be classified as survivors. Find textual support. Make a timeline of the events in the life of one of the main characters in the novel. Give textual support. Create a CV for one of the main characters and make an application for a job that would suit them. Research your author’s life and write up a mock interview. You may wish to present or video this interview with a partner. Survey people in your class/school/family asking them in what ways they have had to overcome obstacles and be a ‘survivor’. Present this in a pie chart. Create a mindmap explaining why the novel should be included in a capsule and dug up after 100 years. Why is it studied in many schools and what will it offer future generations?


I enjoy painting, drawing & visualising

Sketch the two main characters and label with quotes from the novel that show at least three characteristics you have identified. Design a new front cover for the book with a brief explanation of your design and how it relates to the themes Draw an editorial cartoon depicting an incident from the novel that highlights one of the main ideas or themes that are discussed in the novel. In a picture show how the relationship between two or more characters has changed from the beginning, middle and end of the novel. Create an advertising campaign i.e. pamphlet & poster design (with an explanatory brief) for a speaking tour that one of the ‘survivors’ in your novel will go on to promote what they have learned from the experience. Present pictorially the ‘journey’ that your character went through. (i.e. physically and/or emotionally). Provide a written explanation to accompany your pictogram.


I enjoy making & listening to music

Find and annotate lyrics to several songs you know which deal with issues that have a clear connection to ideas explored in your text. Explain the connection. Identify a genre of music that you think would suit the style of one of the characters. Explain why this would suit them. Find a song which deals with the emotions/ feelings of an important character at some point in the novel. Reword the lyrics to suit the situation and character.   Create a sound scape that represents the novel. Think about the mood, feeling and action of the novel. Where is the climax, is there resolution?  

Published on: 18 Jan 2011