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The Survival board game

Creating the Game

  1. Choose a specific environment for your board game
  2. Include a clear beginning and an obvious ending on the board
  3. In between, along the path on which the players move their pieces, create a number of spaces called Danger Zones. The Danger Zones should be characteristic of that environment. For example, a rain forest might have a crocodile-infested river and a mountainous region an icy peak. An underwater environment might be inhabited by sharks.

The object of the game is survival, and chances are, players will need some help surviving the danger zones. This help comes in the form of three decks of cards you will create. The cards will be labelled as follows:

a) Outside Help
b) Personal Characteristics Cards
c) Equipment Cards

Here are some examples:

Outside Help cards – a nearby group of hikers, a rescue helicopter overhead, a change in the weather

Personal Characteristics cards – courage, physical strength, special training, other skills, experience

Equipment cards (includes supplies, clothing etc) – rope, compass, sharp knife, diving suit

How the Game is Played

When a player’s marker lands on a Danger Zone, the player draws one card from each deck. The player studies the cards and the situation and then applies his or her ingenuity to devise an escape that uses any or all of the things listed on the card.

The other players consider the plan and decide if it is plausible. If they accept it, the player survives and can move on. If not, the player will be asked to modify the plan during his or her next turn. At this time the player has the option to return any card to the bottom of the deck and draw a different one.

Published on: 18 Jan 2011