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The narrator says that Robyn told her to write everything down.
The narrator introduces us to the members of the group.
The group set up camp in Hell.
Ellie sees waves of jets flying overhead.
The group goes to Homer's and Corrie's houses
Ellie, Corrie and Kevin see people being held in tents at the showgrounds.
Ellie blows up three soldiers with a ride-on lawn mower.
The group makes plans to load up the vehicles and head to the shearer's quarters.
They find Robyn in her own house, although she was meant to wait on the hill.
They find Chris (in his pyjamas) after rolling the car into the dam.
Ellie finds the Hermit's hut.
The group decides to do something to slow the enemy down.
Homer drives the cattle over the bridge using a camera flash to scare the cattle.
We learn that Corrie has been shot.
Author's note: John Marsden tells us that the story is based, in part, on real events
Ellie decides to go camping up in Hell.
The group drives to Tailor's Stitch in the Landrover.
They find a snake in a sleeping-bag.
The group heads back to Ellie's house in Wirrawee
They decide to go into town later that night to see what is happening
They get trapped in Mrs Alexander's back yard.
Robyn and Lee don't return from town.
A helicopter circles the house, sees Flip and signals a jet to blow up Corrie's house.
They return to rescue Lee from the restaurant and destroy several vehicles on the way
They carry Lee back to Hell.
The group reads some documents they found in the Hermit's hut.
Fi and Ellie steal a petrol tanker and Ellie drives it to a secure location.
The tanker blows up the bridge.
Kevin and Corrie leave the group for good

Published on: 17 Dec 2010