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Writing guide

Select a topic from the sample topics sheet.

Make sure you understand and can write about BOTH parts of the topic before you start writing. Write at least 350 words.

As a guide to how you could write about your text, look at exemplar A [new link to resource to be inserted] from the 2008 paper for AS90054 (English 1.3): Read, study and show understanding of extended written text(s). You can also look over the other exemplars for AS 1.3. Remember that these exemplars were written under exam conditions and require development to meet AS 1.5 Produce Formal Writing.

To gain achievement for AS 1.5 Produce Formal Writing, you will have:

  • developed ideas that show your understanding of key aspects of the text as highlighted in the topic you choose. At excellence, this means that you will have shown perceptive understanding and make clear points showing some insight or originality in thought or interpretation.
  • made reference to specific relevant details from the text to support points. At excellence, this means that details are integrated into the answer; for example quotations are skilfully ‘woven’ into the points made
  • ensured that language features, such as vocabulary selection, syntax, stylistic features and written text conventions (including spelling, punctuation, grammar) are appropriate. At excellence, this means using language features in an original and sustained way.
  • used written text conventions without intrusive error patterns. At excellence, this means using text conventions accurately so that the writing contains only minor errors.

At the end of the year, this writing will become part of preparing for the externally assessed AS 1.1 Show understanding of specified aspect(s) of studied written text(s), using supporting evidence. AS 1.1 requires you to show an understanding of a text and support the points you make with relevant examples and details. AS 1.1 is very similar to the achievement standard it replaces: AS 1.3 Read, study and show understanding of extended written text(s). Consequently, the exemplar material you have considered above can be used as a guide to the type of response required for the new Achievement Standard 1.1.

Published on: 17 Dec 2010