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Plot graph

Map these events onto a plot graph:

  • Getting to know the characters

  • Blowing up the lawnmower

  • Ellie keeping watch up the tree

  • Corrie's house getting blown up

  • Finding the Hermit's hut
  • Ellie telling Lee how she feels

  • Blowing up the tanker

  • Saying goodbye to Corrie

Exposition - in most novels, this happens at the very beginning. We get to know some of the characters and settings. 

Development - where things happen, making the novel more interesting or tense. 

Mini climax - there may be several of these, and they are often leading up to the main climax. They are smaller events that add interest to the novel. 

Climax - where the major event of the novel happens, and characters must deal with the situation. 

Resolution - the period of calm after the climax. In most texts this involves tying up most loose ends and life attempting to return to normal.

Published on: 17 Dec 2010