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Structure headings

‘Eat Up – It’s Got To Be Good For You’

  1. Organise the writing in this way:

    Paragraph 1: an openingthat engages and challenges the reader. This opening should foreshadow the argument that you will introduce in the following paragraph.

    Paragraph 2: introducing the outlineof theargument that you will develop in subsequent paragraphs.

    Paragraphs 3 and 4 [and other paragraphs if needed]: developing the argument: two main reasons you have taken this position with supporting examples and discussion, each developed in separate paragraphs.

    Paragraph 5: a counter argument that opposes your position. Having briefly developed this counter argument, you will refute this at the end of this paragraph.

    Paragraph 6: a restatement of your argument, making a final comment to reaffirm your position.

  2. Underline examples of the features in bold in each paragraph on the jigsaw sheet.

Published on: 17 Jan 2011