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The population explosion: Writing frame


Explain why the population of the world has grown so rapidly, why it is an issue and ways in which this could be solved.

Introduction – explain briefly the definition of the population explosion

In this section of your essay you need to introduce the topic and briefly explain what the population explosion is.

For example;

The purpose of my essay is to explain why the population of the world has grown so rapidly and why this is an issue. I will also give examples of ways in which the population could be or has been controlled in order to reduce the effects of over population.

Explanation 1: Why the population has grown so rapidly.

Explain reasons for rapid population growth. Give a specific example of developments in health and hygiene practices to support your response. This is the cause of the issue.

e.g One of the reasons that the population of the world has grown so rapidly is because…..

Explanation 2: Why this is an issue.

In these paragraphs you need to explain and give examples of some of the issues that result from over population. This can include information relating to poverty or the migration of people to cities.

e.g Due to rapid population growth there are many consequences that put pressure on the earth. One consequence is…

A further problem associated with population growth is….

Explanation 3: Ways in which the issue could be solved or how countries have attempted to solve this issue.

Within these paragraphs explain ways in which different countries have attempted to solve the problem of over population. Or Give examples of ways in which you think the issue could be resolved.

e.g A country that has attempted to solve the problem of population growth is China. They have done this by...


In your final paragraph draw together all of your ideas to answer the set essay question. Summarise the main ideas from each paragraph in the body of your text.

e.g In conclusion the rapid population growth has been caused by increased….


Population explosion



Technological advances

Birth control




Death rate



Over crowding





Published on: 16 Dec 2010