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Ministry of Education.

Learning task 4

Learning intention(s) We are learning to use effective search strategies
KCs/Principles/Values focus Think – explore ideas about using keywords; justify
Use language, symbols, and texts – experiment with different keywords/ phrases to see how different searches give different results

Discuss the difference between concrete words and abstract words as search terms. Have students brainstorm and record word banks of concrete words for example, "computer games", "video games", "Grand Theft Auto"… and a word bank of abstract words, for example, "impact", "reasons", "advantages", "harm", "education", "violence".

The keyword refining strategies table sets out some keyword refining strategies. Ask students to complete the table, suggesting one or more search terms (a keyword/ phrase), other than "computer games", for each of the search strategies. Ask them to try out the search and to check which search terms have given them the best information linked to their questions.

Investigate, with students, the Google tools of Wonder wheel and Timeline. How might they be useful to our inquiry?

Investigate, with students, the EPIC databases, such as the Australia/ NZ Reference Centre. Check with your library staff for details about this. New Zealand schools will have their own logon details.

Published on: 05 Jan 2011