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Learning task 6

Learning intention(s) We are learning to identify to test the hypothesis through finding information which is relevant to answering the question
KCs/Principles/Values focus Manage self- reflect on learning
Relate to others- collaborate on group task to reach shared understandings
Think –select relevant information; think about thinking
  1. Copy the trash and treasure cards onto cardboard and cut them up.
  2. Ask students to work in pairs or groups, separating the cards out into two piles:  treasure( ie information that answers the key question below) and trash ( ie information which is not relevant or useful for answering the question)
    Key question 1: What are some of the benefits of computer games?
    Now change the question and re-sort to answer Key question 2: What are some of the harmful effects of computer games?
  3. Discuss with students how different information is likely to answer different questions. Focus students on the implications of this knowledge for when they embark upon their own inquiry.

Published on: 06 Jan 2011