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Learning task 7

Learning intention(s) We are learning to use the strategies of scanning and skimming to identify main ideas
KCs/Principles/Values focus Manage self- reflect on learning
Participate and contribute - understand that collective knowledge helps build understanding
Think – determine relevance; justify
  1. Discuss and model the reading strategy of skimming.
  2. Discuss and model the reading strategy of scanning.
  3. Students can practise these skills using Reading: Skimming and scanning – factsheets and worksheets.
  4. Copy off a short extract from an article such as Video Games : a source of benefits or addiction? . Give students one minute to scan the text, highlighting the particular words/ groups of words in the extract which might lead them to information which answers the question: ‘What might be some of the problems associated with computer games?’
  5. Discuss with students which keywords/ phrases from their word banks they might be looking for which would help them to answer the Key Question: ‘What might be some of the benefits of computer games?’ eg computer games, benefits, advantages, education, teach, learn….. Record these words/ phrases on the board. Repeat the scanning exercise above, using a different colour highlighter. Ask students to add to class list.
  6. Ask students to reflect on the success of their scanning exercises. Which one was easier? More effective? Why?

Published on: 06 Jan 2011