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Learning task 8

Learning intention(s) We are learning to record information by making notes
KCs/Principles/Values focus Relate to others- collaborate with peer
Think – select relevant ideas
Use language, symbols and texts- develop own codes/ symbols/ shortcuts for notemaking

Once students have, first through skimming and then scanning, chosen texts to read more thoroughly for answers to their questions, they need to record their information by making relevant notes.

  1. Discuss key points about notemaking with students.
  2. View Fact Fragment Frenzy, a simple think aloud about notemaking. Ask students to work in pairs to use the strategy modelled in the demo to record notes from a text.
  3. Discuss modelled graphic organiser ( in this case the modelled data chart) to record relevant information which answers their questions.
  4. Ask students to transfer some notes from above exercise onto own data chart for making notes (Word 26KB)

Assessment task

Learning intention(s) We are learning to plan our own inquiry
KC Focus Manage self- set goals; develop independence in learning
Participate and contribute – choose authentic context
Think – use a variety of thinking tools and processes
Use language, symbols and texts- record findings


  1. Refocus students on earlier work around thematic connection of control to help them choose the focus for their own inquiry.
  2. Guide students through the process that has been modelled:

Published on: 06 Jan 2011