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Learning task 10

Learning intention(s) We are learning to form conclusions
KCs/Principles/Values focus Manage self- reflect on learning
Think –form judgements and conclusions about findings; form judgements based on evaluation of information
Use language, symbols and texts – present findings

Discuss with students how to form conclusions (Word 30KB) based on the results of their inquiry.

To give students practice at identifying conclusions some possible approaches are:

  1. Using the extract from Exemplar B ask student to highlight conclusions.
  2. Cut up the conclusions table and use as a matching exercise for students.
  3. Ask students to practise forming conclusions by completing the forming conclusions from information table.

To complete the inquiry for assessment, students should present their findings, incorporating conclusions. Findings may be presented in oral, written or visual form. If findings are presented in written form, the Exemplars (Word 59KB)  can be used as models to follow.

Published on: 11 Jan 2011