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Conclusions table

Something I found out Conclusion
National Institute on the Media and Family talk about how first person games can encourage players to lose sight of what’s real and what’s not. What they say is a good point – it made me think how easy it is for people to cross the line between virtuality and reality.
Scientist and psychologist both said that studies show links between game violence and real life violence and that the links are obvious in more than one country It’s interesting to think that it’s something that occurs in lots of countries. Even though I’d like to think it’s not true, I guess I have to believe it. I’m wondering whether there’s any good NZ research.
University researchers talk about lots of brain benefits I was pleased to learn that there is some actual evidence that video games can be beneficial to children’s learning because video games get such a lot of bad press.
Health experts talk about lots of health effects like obesity. It would often be difficult to prove a link between game playing and these health effects. Surely you’d have to play a lot to suffer these problems.
Lots of sources suggest that many game players spend far too much time playing computer games.

My recommendation would be to play video games in moderation only.

I think parents have to monitor game playing better too.

Published on: 11 Jan 2011