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The modelled data chart


Question 1:
What are the harmful effects of video games?


Question 2:
What are the benefits of playing video games?


“State of Play”


Listener Oct 2008

  • Korean gamer died from exhaustion after playing continuously for 50 hours
  • Professor Mark Griffiths of Nottingham Trent university – expert- has done lots of research on issue- no evidence of negative effects
  • games where players share goals are positive – teamwork etc

“A load of rot”

 Listener Feb 2007

  • games exercise the brain
  • games are a type of learning
  • games teach people to obey the system – gamers have to play by the rules
https://serendipstudio.org/oneworld/ Study of teens who play video games – evidence says games like Doom, Unreal tourn. and Goldeneye 007 encourage violence – students playing these types of games showed more aggressive thoughts . Columbine murderers had played Doom a lot.  

Tearaway magazine

 Oct 2009

  • ‘Fair play’ study in US found that many games sterotype African Americans
  •  US and Japanese research show gamers exhibit more aggressive behaviour
  • Not all gamers are addicted. -There are lots of ‘normal gamers’- 44% over 44’ 48% are female.
Natonal Institute of media and the family
  • 1st person games – player in control – might lose track of reality
  •  parents should monitor

The Star


April 30 2008

  • lots of gaming can cause sleep problems and back pain
  • parents need to monitor use
    Florida study - obesity and heart problems
Science 2.0 website  

University of Rochester

  • research – showed action video games trained people to make decisions up to 25% faster
  •  strengthens connections between brain cells

Published on: 06 Jan 2011